We're a boutique firm focused on immigration law, with lawyers boasting over 10 years of experience. They are not only professionals but also creative and innovative thinkers.

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Our multidisciplinary services cater to expatriates aiming to study, work, invest, or live in Mexico, whether temporarily or permanently.

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We provide comprehensive, strategic immigration solutions for living in Mexico.

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About us - Migralaw

In the field of immigration, we excel at interpreting and applying legal frameworks accurately, establishing us as the leading migratory services firm in Mexico.


Since 2013, we've been crafting comprehensive and customized strategies.


Recognized for resolving immigration issues with a 99% success rate in cases.


Our operations adhere strictly to confidentiality, legality, and effectiveness.

Why Choose Us

  • We continuously innovate to enhance our services, simplifying and easing the migration process.

  • Understanding the importance of time in migration processes, we strive to deliver solutions promptly.

  • Leveraging our lawyers' expertise, we provide immigration services at optimal costs.

We stand as Mexico's leading firm in immigration services.

Migralaw - Your Premier Immigration Attorney in Mexico

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Our Service

Some of our services

Migralaw specializes in immigration law since its founding, this means that every day we ensure your legal security in immigration matters, our purpose is our clients as expatriates, do not have any mishap with your legal stay in the country and in some moments shorten the time to obtain permanent residency or naturalization, and in the case of having a problem to offer the best solution, all this based on specialized legal technique and humanism.

Obtaining temporary or permanent residence

Services focused on foreigners who wish to reside under the option of a family unit, work for a company or create their own company, as well as study or invest in Mexico. Do you want to reside in Mexico?

Services for companies

We provide all services for companies that wish to hire foreign personnel or have foreign personnel, to fulfill their obligations and avoid sanctions. Does your company comply with its migratory obligations?

Obtaining Mexican nationality

Foreigners, because of their continuous coexistence in the country, acquire a link with the country of residence, under certain circumstances they can obtain Mexican nationality to continue living as Mexicans, with all the corresponding inherent rights.Get back Mexican and forget obligations as a foreigner

Complex procedures

Sometimes, due to ignorance or due to poor legal representation, some foreigners complicate their migratory situation in Mexico, being creditors to negatives, sanctions or restrictions, we also provide services for difficult and complex processes. Do you have a particular case? We help you!

Enter our videoconference on:
Immigration in Mexico in the year 2024 - Residence and naturalization procedures.

Our lawyers will hold a videoconference online, where you can interact with them and ask questions to clarify issues that concern you in particular, we will be conducting videoconferences on different issues related to migration on an ongoing basis.

We will wait for you!

Speaker: Lic. Eduardo Garcia
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Our clients

We collaborate with both individuals and prominent companies in Mexico seeking top-tier immigration representation.

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Migratory Consultations

We have a migratory consultation service, specially designed to satisfactorily complete an immigration process on your own or through our representation.


$0.00 | Free
  • Consultation
  • Simple doubts
  • Legal review
  • Legal opinion
  • Analyze solution
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Consultation by Zoom/Skype

$49 USD | $800 MXN
  • Videoconference
  • Skype Platform
  • Duration 30-40 minutes
  • Review and Legal Analysis
  • Detailed information
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Personal consultation

$59 USD | $1,000 MXN
  • On-site at our offices
  • Status review
  • Documentation review
  • Analysis of possible risks
  • Migration Advisory
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Consult companies in CDMX

$119 USD | 2,000 MXN
  • On-site
  • Revision of employees
  • Documentation review
  • Analysis of possible risks
  • Migratory business consultation
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Our offices.

Plaza Miyana: Av. Ejército Nacional Mexicano 769 - Piso 2, Granada, Miguel Hidalgo, 11520 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Phone numbers

Office: +52 55 4169 1400

WhatsApp: +52 4169 1400